Event Program

Date Format Distance
Thu, 25th August Interval C

10 km Senior Women
15 km Senior Men
7,5 km Junior Women
10 km Junior Men

Fri, 26th August Team Sprint C

3×1,7 km Senior Women
4×1,7 km Senior Men
3×1,7 km Junior Women
3×1,7 km Junior Men

Sat, 27th August Sprint F 200 m
Sun, 28th August Mass start F

15 km Senior Women
20 km Senior Men
15 km Junior Women
20 km Junior Men

Entry to Race 

Attention! Entry must be done using FIS Online Entry System, the same as with CC World Cup. Please, contact your National Ski Federation to make an entry!

If there are any questions regarding the FIS entry system, please contact Josephine Aschhoff by aschhoff@fis-ski.com

! Entering the participation, under the section EXTRAS: More needs – ski binding information (SNS Pilot / NNN) must be indicated for each athlete.

Preliminaryy entry – JULY 14th, 2022
Entry – AUGUST 17th, 2022

* Pre-liminary entry is mandatory! Without completing this step first, it will not be possible to do the Entry.